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Lands End stone table and patio.JPG
Barb's stone picnic set.jpg

picnic table

Solid stone slab table tops, either sawn or natural edge, strategically sets on solid stone "legs".  The benches are solid stone pieces.  We can use granite, blue stone or sand stone to create a lasting, elegant, unique seating area.

completed Inukshuk (2019_11_19 21_35_19


After visiting the Arctic, our creative client commissioned Moody's to build an Inuksuk for her husband. We must admit that after saying "sure we can do that", we had to look up "Inuksuk".  

"An Inukshuk or Inuksuk is a manmade stone landmark or cairn built for use by the InuitIñupiatKalaallitYupik, and other peoples of the Arctic region of North America. These structures are found in northern CanadaGreenland, and Alaska. The Inuksuk may historically have been used for navigation, as a point of reference, a marker for travel routes.  Historically, the most common types of inuksuk are built with stone placed upon stone. "

Moody's team created this Inuksuk using a combination of fieldstone and granite, using the client's design.

Topridge sword in stone.jpg

The Sword in the Stone

A natural mossy boulder was hallowed out from the bottom where a hidden locking mechanism was placed so only The Chosen are able to pull the sword out. This fun piece of boulder art was created for a special client. 

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